Womans torso wearing a red t-shirt that says Real Women Aren't Men.

Banned T-Shirts


Welcome to Lollygag Creations where my banned T-Shirts have come to live another day. 

If you've already been through my site you can only guess why some of my items may have been banned from "that popular online store" down the road. (I refuse to publish their name. LOL!) Yes, they cancelled my hottest seller, "Real Women Aren't Men", as well as one that read "Real Woman" and another one reading, "Genuine Lady Parts". Oh well, their loss. I, personally, refuse to be cancelled!

Now that I am free from their shackles of conformity and woke ideals I can do whatever I want and am having fun creating and putting together designs that resonate with other Independent Thinkers like myself.

I also do custom designs for those who want something special for their club, group, business, etc. Feel free to contact me with your requests.

Have a GREAT Day!

Michelle : )

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